2011 Gammerler STC700 Compensated Stacker


2011 Gammerler STC700 Compensated Stacker


Gammerler STC700 Web Press Compensating Stacker. The stacker has had little use since new. This is one of the cleanest stackers we have had the opportunity to sell. Entrance conveyor can also be included.

Gämmerler 3-stage stacking technology the STC700 delivers high quality bundles. The economical compensating stacker is used for standard applications for copies up to 96 pages.

·  Precise Laser Counter

·  3-Stage stacking technology for precise handling. This technology allows for a particularly gentle bundle creation on three collecting-levels with horizontally opening grid pairs.

·  Due to the precise copy guiding during the stacking procedure and the low drop heights a high bundle quality can be achieved also for low page count copies.

·  Since additional hand jogging is not necessary, all stacked copies can optimally be used for further processing.

·  Higher Efficiency due to Installed Intelligence Processing of difficult-to-stack products requires precise control of the grids and rotating chamber, particularly at high press speed.

·  Gammerler compensating stackers therefore automatically synchronize their moving sequences by means of an "intelligent control".

·  Technical Data STC 700 Cycle time *) ≥ 2 sec.

·  Pagination 4 – 96 Formats A 105 – 330 mm (4" – 13") B 140 – 500 mm (5.5" – 19.7") D max. 560 mm (22") Layer height max.

·  Bundle height min 250 mm (9.8") Bundle height max. 400 mm (15.7")


ModelSTC700 Compensated Stacker