2019 Gammtech KL 507


2019 Gammtech KL 507


(2) Fully Rebuilt Compensating Stackers

USED for only a month

Compensating Stacker for Standard Applications

• Its compatible with press speeds up to 100,000 copies per hour.

• Capable of stacking a wide range of products with page counts from 4 – 96 pages.

• Robust steel-welded frame construction.

Three-stage Stacking Technology Delivers High Bundle Quality

Three-stage stacking technology guides products through the stacker’s chamber minimizing drop

distances. When copies enter the chamber they are collected on a pair of collecting grids. As the stack

builds, it is gently transferred to a second pair of grids below the first and then is transferred to a third

pair of girds in the same manner.

Using three sets of collecting grids to guide the bundle through the stacker’s chamber minimizes

dropping of the copies that would otherwise occur if the grids were not present. The result is consistently

high bundle quality time after time.


ModelKL 507