Gator X2

Gator X2

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Maximum Protection Against Print Unit Wrap-Ups

When a web break occurs in your press, it is imperative the press stops immediately and the web is severed to prevent costly wrap-ups. The Gator X2 is a newly designed websevering device that uses a dual-sweep cutting action in order to ensure reliable web severing. At the time of a web break, two sets of pneumatically actuated stainless steel blades rotate into the web’s path from both directions, piercing then cutting the web as the blades pass through each other.

Many web severers lack the ability to cut the full range of web offset paper stocks. The Gator X2 is designed to cut the lightest of paper up to the heavier coated cover and board stocks. The Gator’s design allows for easy web-up without the need to remove guarding. The severer is also compatible with automatic press web threading devices.

The Gator’s all aluminum body design makes it ideal for retrofitting into an existing press line. The Gator X2 will interface to all web break detection systems on the market. Installation is simple, as it requires only an activation signal from the web break detection system and a connection to press air.

For the ultimate in press web break protection, combine the Gator X2 with the WebMax Web Detection system.