Installation, Relocation and Removal Services


Machinery and Equipment Installation, Relocation and Removal Services

The business environment is ever changing, and our clients’ machinery and equipment plans need to be modified because of those changes. Pressroom Solutions, LLC offers a range of installation, relocation and removal services tailored to our clients’ needs. Our team of engineers and technicians provide essential support to minimize disruptions to your product capabilities, while adhering to all health and safety protocols.


Your equipment’s life begins when it’s installed in your shop. Properly installed new or used machines can run longer, require less maintenance, and perform more efficiently. Even minor errors during the installation can limit your equipment’s utility and lifespan, directly impacting your bottom line before the first job has run on it. Pressroom Solutions, LLC commits to providing full commissioning support and testing for all machinery installations.

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The most common needs for relocation services are when a company wants to implement a new product on an existing production line or when an entire manufacturing process must be changed to accommodate new product specifications. Whatever the case, Pressroom Solutions, LLC ensures the move itself follows a strict timetable that is carefully planned and supported.

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Decommissioning equipment and retiring machinery requires careful planning, execution, and documentation to ensure that it’s done safely and effectively. Pressroom Solutions, LLC has the manpower, industry experience and expertise required to complete full-scale facility decommissioning. Our dedicated team of experienced technicians, specialists, and logistics experts are highly skilled in installing, dismantling, removing, rigging, transporting, and storing your equipment.

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what our customers say

The most efficient, knowledgeable, and cleanest work we’ve had done. These guys were a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend this company to anyone that needs installation work done.
Jeff C.
I want to put in a good word for the technicians that came to our shop over the holidays. They worked their tails off to help rearrange two full lines while we had a gap in our scheduling. Our shop never missed a beat and now we’re working even more efficiently. Thank you, Pressroom Solutions!
Martin S.