2021 Europrogetti EPS175L Automatic Rigid Box Line

2021 Europrogetti EPS175L Automatic Rigid Box Line

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Digital line for the production of rigid, angled, tall and cost saving ‘T shape’ & cross shape covered boxes.
Very low use, in ‘like new’ condition!
Available immediately.

Equipped with:
EPQ175SB/1 Automatic Quad Stayer
- High Pile Feeder for Board Blanks
- Feeder with non-stop device
- Double board blanks warning system with machine stop
- Board blanks feeding through suckers with lift at the front edge 
- Sliding system with rolls and belts at adjustable speed to eliminate breaking of board blanks
- Precise location of board blanks under forming block with pushers
- Precision adjustment of forming block position through brushless motor
- Large diameter thermo-tape reels located on the side of the machine with an “end-of –reel” acoustic signal. Facility to change reel without stopping machine
- Thermo tape heat-sealing system with adjustable pressure pads on the corners of forming block
- “Cross-shaped” and “T-shaped” stitching system
- Box ejection by cylinder and suction to position the box precisely on conveyor belt
- Box transport system to the spotter with 2 operating modes  
- Digital display and temperature control of the 4 heat sealing tape anvils

ALFACEHB5” Automatic Gluing Machine
- Automatic Glue Viscosity Control Unit
- Automatic sheet feeder with lifting the rear of the sheet for the insert of papers up to 300 g/m2
- Stainless steel, chromed and rectified glue rolls
- Rollers/belt speed automatic adjustment
- Vacuum conveyor with running digitally adjustable gap control
- Servo driven motor on vacuum conveyor with mm by mm variable step control  
- Centralised lubrication
- Strong aluminium vacuum suction channel with guides for suction conveyor belt
- Perforated green conveyor belt in polyurethane, with higher suction capacity to the centre  
- Additional vacuum box for small sheets
- Controlled acceleration and deceleration of conveyor belt, motor driven
- Auto sheet detection - if glue pickers not lowered, paper will not feed
- Glue Tank “GTCEC02” with capacity of 70 litres
- Anti-air bubbles system

EPS175SB Automatic Spotter
- Choice of left or right-hand side
- Suction speed adjustable with inverter
- Box unloading even without research
- Paper reading by three optic fibres and hydraulic control unit
- Mechanical guide unit to control box movement during positioning
- Simple size change-over

EPW175SB Automatic Wrapping Machine
- The wrapper is the Master of the line 
- Possibility of ‘T’ shape wrap for boxes up to 60 mm width
- Correct ergonomic working height
- Work cycle controlled by P.L.C - no mechanical cam
- Possibility to lift box from belt
- Easy fixing and locking tools
- Regulating pressing time up to 9,99 seconds
- Standard or sequential inside turn-in 
- Possibility of inside wrapping up to 70 mm
- 800 job programs storage

- Kit for window box 
- Kit for lateral turn-in up to 80mm  
- Tooling for bottom or lid

Maximum size of the paper sheets: 900 x 720 mm
Minimum size of the paper sheets: 123 x 88 mm
Maximum box size                    Minimum box size
Length: 600 mm                        Length: 50 mm
Width:   415 mm                        Width:   30 mm
Height:  185 mm                        Height:  12 mm
- Maximum pile height in Quad Stayer: 970 mm
- Maximum Heat-sealing tape reel diameter: 400 mm
- Pile height in the gluer: 350 mm
- Speed: up to 34 cycles/minutes (subject to sizes and design)


ModelEPS175L Automatic Rigid Box Line