Purchasing Tips

Are you using a lot of time and energy in locating the perfect used printing equipment or used bindery equipment for your firm’s needs? 

At Pressroom Solutions LLC, we eliminate the stress and resources needed to find the equipment you’re aiming to purchase. We take pride in every piece of used printing equipment or used bindery equipment we sell, which is why we’re always upfront and honest about every potential transaction. 

Use the following tips when starting the search for your next piece of equipment:

  • Always inspect the equipment. The pandemic has pushed us to do things virtually. Virtual inspections can be just as thorough as personal inspections. Be sure to request maintenance records for breakdowns and repairs. Identify which parts have been refurbished and/or replaced. Ask about the types of work the machine has been performing. How many hours or impressions has it run?

  • Be certain all moving parts are in good shape.

  • Only purchase from companies that understand the equipment inside and out. 

  • Use caution when purchasing directly from an end-user. Often times used equipment is being sold because parts are no longer available or the machine simply isn’t working properly. 

  • For digital or electronic equipment, always ask about a service contract. If there is one, the machine is more likely to be in good shape.  

More considerations when purchasing preowned equipment:

  • Reduce downtime and maximize productivity with properly trained operators.

  • Use the recommended plates, blankets, pressroom chemicals, and substrates. If in doubt, check your OEM manuals and seek out independent suppliers whose products are used for similar equipment from several OEM’s.

  • To gauge productivity, always check your clicks against the recommended speed in your manual. Running equipment at top speed may not give you the best results. You might produce more at lower speeds with fewer stops.

  • If your machine adds to your existing workflow, make sure your staffers know how to operate it and connect it seamlessly to all hardware and software.